One of the most unpleasant and sensitive issues related to health, is the occurrence of constipation.This phenomenon not only causes great inconvenience to man, but makes his everyday schedule Affairs large adjustments.Many people suffer from symptoms of constipation in childhood, and do not address this problem in the hospital.Although the manifestation of careless attitude in this case, plays for the benefit of human health.Weak symptoms of constipation may subsequently develop into a chronic form, and then do without the medical treatment fail.Limited to simple taking laxatives, too, it is not the best way out of this situation.

course, before you start treatment you need to identify the causes of constipation in the body.If you meet with the scientific literature on the subject, it appears constipation have a different nature arise.Having found out the true reason should be more responsible approach to the treatment of this disease.Even daily exercise can zoom in healing the body and get rid of cons

tipation.The fact still some ways to get rid of constipation, there will be discussed in this article.


  • 1 why there is constipation?
  • 2 Treatment balanced diet
  • 3 Exercising
  • 4 laxatives

why there is constipation?

Good help for constipation prunes

Good help for constipation prunes

Many people suffer from a severe disease - constipation.Constipation arise in most cases the fault of the person who is wrong lifestyle or overly keen adversely affecting the health of addictions.According to statistics from constipation often affects men after they reach the age of thirty, but the female body is deprived of the manifestations of the disease.The greatest degree of damage can be attributed to constipation men leading their antisocial lifestyle and excessive enthusiasm of alcoholic beverages.

Since adolescence boys begin to "indulge" a beer, and then move on to vodka and other alcohol containing products.Having reached a more mature age, they become very difficult to get rid of this addiction.Excessive alcohol consumption imposes a negative impact on the state of human health.Over time, many men, addicted to beer, complained of growing "beer belly", which arises from the large accumulation of intestinal gases in the abdominal cavity.But that is not all.

under the influence of alcohol drunk daily in humans begin disruptions in the functioning of the pancreas, plays a large role in the digestion of food.By reducing its secretion in the body begin to grow many diseases associated with the organs of the digestive tract, including constipation.Thus, a harmless beer can cause the development of the body's many serious ailments.

Female body suffers in most cases from appearing constipation due to poor eating habits and maintain their sedentary lifestyles.An unhealthy diet and excessive xerophagy cause the appearance of constipation.If the food was not drench liquid, the process of digestion is slowed down somewhat, and formed faeces retained in the body.In cases when one neglects plant food containing a large amount of fiber and fiber, this leads to a delay in the body of residues and certain toxins.This results in constipation.Accumulation of formed feces in the intestine is not only a factor of constipation, but also promotes the re-absorption of some of the compounds into the bloodstream.To facilitate excretion of stale feces will receive a hearty drinking man.

Men suffer from constipation more frequently than women

Men suffer from constipation more frequently than women

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In the conduct of a person sedentary lifestyles are also in the body is the development of constipation.Reduced physical Dvigatelno during the day leads to detention in the body formed stool.The prolonged stay in a sitting position, the predominance of the type of statistical work on the dynamic development of intestinal disorders - all these factors contribute to the development of constipation in the body.Due to their significantly reduced locomotor activity (ability to motility) of smooth muscle forming the wall of the digestive organs.

Constipation may develop in the body as a result of certain medications.Many drugs contain substances which lead to a delay in the body and formed as a result of feces formation constipation.Most often this phenomenon is observed on the receiving person:

  • antihistamines;
  • antispasmodics;
  • antidepressant drugs;
  • Medication diuretic action;
  • preparations containing calcium.

Chronic poisoning, the penetration of lead or its compounds, as well as receiving drugs also stimulates the formation of the occurrence of constipation.Constipation can occur in patients with diabetes mellitus, in violation of the endocrine system in the period of development in the female body menopause.

Constipation can be triggered by existing scars in the intestines, or tumors.These phenomena lead to difficulties of movement of food residues and the intestines lead to stagnation of food therein.

If a person suffers from intestinal volvulus and extensions, the data anatomical imperfections also give rise to in the body of constipation associated with intestinal obstruction peristaltic action.During the feces does not reach the anus and is retained in the right-iliac region.

balanced diet Treatment

Castor oil as a laxative

castor oil as a laxative

Nutrition has always played a positive role in human activity, including as one of the treatment methods.A balanced diet for constipation is simply irreplaceable.Suffer from manifestations of constipation person must comply with the right diet.The received food should contain as much vegetable and fruit ingredients as possible.Due cellulose contained in them, there is formed fecal excretion from the body.Besides the use of products of vegetable origin a positive effect on the intestinal microflora and improving the overall health of the organism.

laxative effect on the body have a dried fruit.Include them in your diet, you can forget about constipation.Make sure the diet is necessary to include herbs, especially fresh.Its constituent components improve the intestinal peristalsis and promote excretion of feces from the body.Salad and vegetable salads, seasoned with vegetable oil have contributed to increasing the intestinal muscle activity and helps food not to stay in it.

Excellent healing effect has on the stagnation of food in the intestines of strong tea and coffee.These drinks are rich in caffeine, special substances that stimulate bowel motility.Daily morning drinks reception of data will help to get rid of the manifestations of constipation and prevent their further occurrence.It should be excluded from the diet of fatty and heavily digestible food, especially meat, fried foods and eggs.Lovers of fast-food and quick snacks will need to give up this bad habit.This synthetic products included in their composition significantly slow down the digestive reactions in the body.

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correct solution would be problems with constipation, and normalization of nutrient regime.Doctors recommend to increase the number of intakes by reducing its volume.Suffering from constipation should sit at the meal up to seven times per day.This body will be observed recovery of activity of the digestive system and will not have problems with constipation.Machining process food in the mouth should be done carefully and uniformly.You do not need to swallow food not chewed as a whole, it will only aggravate the existing problem.

important elements of a balanced diet for constipation is to consume dairy products.Even in ancient times, folk healers and witch doctors on their basis we make simple laxatives.Proteins milk products improve intestinal activity and restore its microflora.These are simple ways to comply with the proper diet can help people get rid of constipation, even if they are already over 30.

in their diet suffer from constipation should definitely include fish dishes and seafood.They contain minerals beneficial effect on the motility of the intestine and enriched in a sufficient amount of moisture.Of great importance in the organization of proper nutrition plays a compliance regime food.Adults suffer from constipation should increase the intake of liquids.It is best to use juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks.Carbonated drinks are not desirable for constipation.Drinking plenty of fluids stimulates liquefaction produced in the intestines and feces easily leads to emptying the rectum.When constipation person should drink at least two liters of fluid.


Menstruation and pregnancy - a common cause of constipation in women

Menstruation and pregnancy - a common cause of constipation in women

great importance in the treatment of constipation in adults is assigned to dynamic exercises.As mentioned constipation occur from the conduct of a man of sedentary lifestyle, which means that an active lifestyle can help get rid of this disease.Adults need to find time every day, at least a few minutes for dynamic breaks.Such a pause should occur in the morning, and during the work and in the evening.

In the morning, a significant effect can be achieved by the usual morning exercises.Giving your body a few minutes of the morning, you not only get a charge of vivacity, and are contributing to the strengthening of the intestinal motility.The positive effect of the done the exercises you will notice in the near future.If your work relates to the statistical category, ie most of the time you are in a fixed seated position, then the effective exercises you just need.Giving your body a few minutes break to perform simple physical exercises, you will not only protect the body from constipation, but delivered him from many other diseases associated with sedentary work.

In the evening, too, it is not necessary to send the body in a fixed position on the sofa.It is perfect for a short walk, a gentle stroll or an invigorating charge on fresh air.

At any time of the day will be relevant and useful the following types of exercises:

  1. bent leg at the knee joint must be raised up.In such a situation it is necessary to pull the bent knee to the abdomen.Then lower the leg.The same effect, repeat with the other leg.Repeat several times.
  2. The next step will be the squat.Slowly crouching, you increase the motility of your intestines.Exercise repeat at least ten times.
  3. The next step is stepping motion while pulling up the thigh.
  4. Get on all fours and slowly start to inflate and deflate the volume of air in his stomach.
  5. Take position, lying on your back and start one after the other to pull the legs to the abdomen area.Repeat the exercise several times.

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Thanks to this simple complex of physical exercises, you can improve the activity of the intestine and resist the formation of constipation in it.


Proper nutrition as prevention of constipation

Proper nutrition as prevention of constipation

get rid of constipation can be prepared by using laxatives.Their activity in the intestine is aimed at liquefaction of faeces and removing it from the body.There are many recipes laxatives, consider some of them.Strong laxative effect on the body have a common bran, especially when combined with the jelly.Their vegetation structure rather stand the effects of juices produced by the stomach.When injected into the intestines bran contribute to the contractile activity of smooth muscle.People after thirty this variant treatment of constipation simply no substitute.

Also, patients can take rowan mashed with a little sugar.This dish should be consumed in the fresh form, since it is also rich in vitamins necessary for the body.If, nevertheless, you have a small part of it, it should be stored in a dark place of the penetration of sunlight.When storing Rowan allocates juice, which must be overcome, and mixed with the fourth part of a glass of ethyl alcohol or habitual drinking.Juice of mountain ash, which bude be mixed with alcohol, should be at least half a liter to 0.5 liters.The resulting alcohol tincture should be consumed on a mountain ash in the amount of one cup every morning.

excellent laxative for constipation is aloe plant.It is necessary to put the plant in the refrigerator in an average of five days, and then squeeze out its juice pressing process, you will receive an effective remedy.When added to the cooked juice of aloe one spoon of honey and half a tablespoon of refined vegetable oil, you will get a great laxative for constipation.Acceptance of laxative is best done in the evening hours, drinking boiled water.Eat a spoonful.

against constipation in adults helps flaxseed.It is necessary to prepare a small amount of fresh seeds and pour boiling water.Then, the tool you need to put on a short time in the oven.This laxative is best taken at bedtime, drinking glasses by half.An effective laxative, which can be made at home is the cucumber pickle, mixed with a little honey.If you take a gulp this tool even in a small area, discharge of the body you provided.

good laxative effect on the intestine has a castor oil.For the preparation of a laxative, take it to the amount of one tablespoon and add a tablespoon of honey.Stir the resulting tool until a homogeneous mass, which pour in the egg yolk.Once again all mix and you can safely use.

These laxatives recipes are fairly simple to make, and therefore, everyone can prepare them at home.All of them are effective in stasis of food in the intestines.

Footage tell what should be the diet for constipation in adults:

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