probably will not find a man who would not have faced such a nuisance as constipation, when for a few days to go to the toilet becomes impossible, there flatulence, abdominal pain.This not only leads to severe discomfort and may further cause serious problems with digestion.


  • 1 Why are there locks?
  • 2 Treatment of constipation folk remedies and diet
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Why are there locks?

There are many recipes of traditional medicine to combat constipation

There are many recipes of traditional medicine to combat constipation

To get rid of constipation for a long time, you need to figure out its cause.There are plenty of options how to treat constipation at home, but to do it properly, you need to find out the root cause:

  • Malnutrition.Perhaps this is the most common cause of constipation.Modern lifestyle, regular rolls snacks and chocolates, insufficient consumption of water - all this inevitably leads to habitua
    l constipation.Only the power correction will help solve the problem.
  • Causes of neurogenic nature.Laxation violated because suppressing urge to defecate.This usually occurs in unusual for human conditions, such as during long journeys in the hospital or while outing nature.It can also be connected with a pathological fear of pain during defecation in patients who have recently had an operation on the gut or suffer from anal fissures.
  • sedentary lifestyle.Physical activity affects the entire body and the bowels including.In workers 'sit-in' sphere, the sick and the elderly with disabilities constipation is almost inevitable, even with proper nutrition.
  • Taking certain medications.Medical constipation cause some antidepressants, anti-inflammatory agents, antispasmodics, antihistamines.In this case, you need to stop taking the drug or replace it with another.
  • Hormonal causes.Constipation is common in people suffering from thyroid disorders, diabetes mellitus, a violation of ovarian function, as well as in pregnant women due to the restructuring of the body.
  • bowel disease.Inflammatory processes in the gut, for example, colitis, constipation can provoke.It is important to eliminate the root cause and cure disease, causing constipation.
    toxic effects on the body.Such substances as lead, mercury entering the body, causing malfunction of the internal organs, including the intestines.It is possible to carry toxic substances and nicotine and tar in cigarettes.Smokers often suffer from constipation.

Treatment of constipation folk remedies and diet

A sufficient amount of water you drink as prevention of constipation

sufficient amount of water you drink as prevention of constipation

If constipation is not due to disease and malnutrition, the diet will help to quickly and permanently get rid of this disease.Sometimes people the word "diet" fall into the horror of the idea that there should be few and just tasteless.However, diet for constipation is not as strict as it might seem at first glance.The first rule when dealing with constipation - as much fiber.

Try to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, legumes and greens, black bread.This will solve not only the problem of constipation, but also a great impact on the appearance.Skin and hair is significantly improved, nails cease to be brittle.Vegetable salad with vegetable oil will be a great end of dinner (which is the completion of, and not the beginning).Fruit salad with a light yogurt dessert substitute.

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pizza, fast food and chocolate for bowel unprofitable, but deny yourself completely and in all not necessarily enough to reduce the consumption of these products, so far as the will power.Strong black tea exacerbate constipation, but the green without sugar, but with a spoon of honey, on the contrary, will help to resolve the situation.Coffee from many diets cross out for harm, but not for constipation.In constipation coffee lovers do not just happen.But abuse it is not necessary to drink.Cups of organic coffee in the morning is enough.

Indispensable for constipation prunes.You can add it to cereal, cottage cheese, or has since.Several prunes a day (if you do not like him) - is already helping the intestines.The diet is not only food but also drink.Sometimes this is enough - 2-2.5 liters of clean boiled water a day will help to solve many problems.If in the morning before a meal drink a few glasses of warm water, laxative effect will not take long.It has long been used to treat constipation hay grass has a laxative effect.However, one must be careful in dosage as the plant causes soreness and cramping in the abdominal area.Before going out into the street, her take is not recommended.The action comes after about 6-10 hours, so it is best to take senna at night or in the morning, if that day you will not want to.

spoon of castor oil also has a laxative effect.It is effective for constipation and syrup with fresh rowan berries with sugar.Fermented syrup drink on an empty stomach in the morning and 1 stack, can be washed down with water.Bran useful for bowel.They need to pour boiling water, drain when the swell, and have a few spoonfuls in the morning.

Pharmaceutical preparations by constipation

Constipation - not only a nice thing , but also harmful to health

Constipation - not only unpleasant moment, but also harm

Health Pharmacies can find many resources from constipation as an emergency, and mild laxative.Consider the most common.

  • microlax.It microclysters instantaneous, quickly and effectively clean the intestines.They are safe, do not injure the intestines and does not wash away the natural microflora.The only drawback - a relatively high price.their use is not recommended for permanent constipation.
  • Duphalac, Normase.Preparations based on lactulose, in fact do not have a laxative effect.The material falling into the intestine, envelops and helps soften the stool, which ensures quick and painless stool.However, it is not for everyone.Sometimes individual intolerance of components.Bloating, flatulence, and abdominal pain will tell you that the drug is better to change.
  • Fitomutsil.This drug is available as a packaged powder and is a pure cellulose.It is safe, effective and has no side effects.Taste is not the most pleasant, after dilution resembles jelly of dried grass.But after a while you get used to the taste.You can take a long time.
  • Fitolaks.Available in the form of pills and drops, containing senna, fennel, apricot pulp.A pleasant taste and is effective, but because of Senna in the composition is not excluded pain before stool.
    Regulaks.Available in the form of drops, also contains Senna.The laxative effect begins 8 hours after dosing.It can be used only briefly, at constant reception of habituation occurs.
  • Glycerin suppositories.Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to get rid of constipation.Indispensable during long trips.Glycerin suppositories are fast enveloping and softening stool.However, to get used to them it is not necessary, so as not to provoke the syndrome of "lazy bowel".
  • Forlaks.This is quite effective laxative, available in powder form, does not cause increased gas production and fermentation in the stomach.However, in the wrong dosage there is a risk of diarrhea.Abdominal pain is also not excluded.Not suitable for continuous use.
  • artificial Carlsbad salt.This natural product, which improves intestinal function.It is used in cosmetics to prevent skin aging, but also effective and chronic constipation.Her take on an empty stomach, dissolved in a glass of water, but you can add and food.

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How to treat constipation during pregnancy?

Vegetable oil as a laxative

Vegetable oil as a laxative

Unfortunately, constipation very common in pregnant women.This is associated with the increasing weight and hormonal changes, and sedentary.Delay of harmful substances along with the feces in the body of the future mother is not desirable, so you need to fight constipation.Sometimes constipation can be eliminated through diet and drinking regime.Fearing edema, a pregnant woman can indulge in a drink, but it is wrong.If there is swelling, it is necessary to abandon the use of excessive salts, as well as other liquids than water (tea, coffee, juices), and to drink water only (no less than 1.5 liters per day).This is necessary for the mother and for the baby.

blood volume increases during pregnancy due to the appearance of the placenta, and also because of the appearance of the circulatory system of a child, so the liquid must be ingested in sufficient quantities.

diet should include prunes and dried apricots, cheese, fresh vegetables with vegetable oil, fruit, dairy products, whole grains, lean meat.You can also drink fruit compote of dried fruits.It is useful to have oatmeal for breakfast, it helps to normalize bowel function.Sometimes a pregnant woman is awful as you want cake, muffin or even a shawarma in the street.There is no need to deny yourself all over, but the consumption of sweets is necessary to reduce as much as possible, and pies and shawarma cooking itself home to avoid poisoning.

Sometimes diet is simply not able to help the pregnant woman to get rid of constipation.Then the doctor may recommend medications are safe for children.These are preparations based on lactulose Normase or Duphalac.They are safe for the baby and are quite effective.If a woman is not observed side effects in the form of enhanced gas formation, abdominal pain, the drug can be administered until delivery.Approved during pregnancy and Fitomutsil.It can be taken continuously the entire pregnancy and even during lactation.It contributes to the mild cleansing of the bowel, without causing discomfort and pain.

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Periodically, you can use glycerine and candles, as well as microclysters microlax.They are indispensable if you want instant action, but do not get carried away by them.Rather, it is a one-time emergency assistance than the treatment of constipation.Before taking any means necessary to consult with your doctor.Not all drugs and folk remedies are safe for children, some of them cause a contraction of the uterus wall, which can cause miscarriage.

Treatment of constipation in young children

Constipation in infants - a common occurrence

Constipation in infants - frequent enough phenomenon

infants often suffer from constipation that gives mothers a lot of trouble.The child is still too small to report about the problem, so the only way to show that he is bad - constantly screaming and poorly equipped.Define constipation in infants can be the absence of the chair for 2 days and tough tummy.The reasons can be many - from antibiotics to the abrupt transition from one type of feeding on the other.Causes and treatment only set a pediatrician.To self-medicate, the advice of the wise grandmothers and neighbors is strictly prohibited.

first thing you need to do mother - is calm.No matter how heart ached from crying baby, you need to pull yourself together and start to follow the doctor's recommendations.When he advised massage gently move a hand on the stomach baby in a clockwise direction.Do this for some time, even if you think your child is not better or he shouts even louder.This massage does not hurt.

for the revitalization of the intestine is useful to lay a baby on his stomach.Not all children like to lie on your stomach, try to captivate the crying baby rattle, dolls or bright picture, so he stayed in this position for as long as possible.Permitting age grudnichka feed cereals, bran bread.Fiber will help to cope with constipation, but constantly soft and overly tenderized food causes the intestine to be lazy.Well, if the dealer is a little undercooked.

If you need an urgent measure, you can use the gas output tubes that are sold in every pharmacy.The tip of the tube is smeared baby oil or cream and inserted into the anus.This not only helps with colic, but also increases peristalsis.

enemas with water is also possible, but not desirable.If not do without it, better buy microlax.The fluid in these microclyster, does not damage the intestinal mucosa and does not wash away microflora.Eat as children glycerol candles, which will help to quickly and effectively solve this problem.If
enemas do not act, the stomach has become even harder, and the child is screaming non-stop, call the "fast" and go into surgery.There are already medical staff will help ease the situation of the child, as well as eliminate intestinal obstruction.

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