Some human organs, albeit important functions, however, are not considered essential.These organs include the spleen and.Many people not only do not know where it is, but do not know what it all meant.Organ increases proportionally to the growth of the organism, so increasing the organism during growth, its form remains largely unchanged.

abnormal enlargement of the spleen size - a pathological process that can occur in both adults and children.To diagnose the state of the body is considered to be the most effective method of ultrasound, also known as ultrasound.


  • 1 spleen and its function
  • 2 Standard Sizes spleen
  • 3 Causes of enlarged spleen

spleen and its function

normal size spleen

spleen takes part in the processhematopoiesis

Spleen - a small internal organ, which is located in the left hypochondrium - at a level between the ninth and eleventh rib.Thus, the spleen is protected from external mechanical influences by means of ribs.In view of the characteristics of the child's body stru

cture, spleen in children closed edges not quite completely, which makes it more vulnerable to various shocks.

development of the spleen occurs in parallel with the development of the body throughout life.Because body size is increased proportionally over the life of the spleen form remains unchanged.Sometimes, due to some reasons, the body can be increased.

The function of the spleen is the regulation of the hematopoietic function.In addition, the agency is involved in the metabolic processes of the body.Increasing the size of the spleen may be indicative of diseases of other organs.For example, in pathologies of the liver, enlarged spleen size caused a decrease in the outflow of blood from other organs.

Another important function of the body performs its cleaning capability.The spleen filters blood, removing it from a variety of microorganisms, antigenic particles of dead red blood cells.The Authority is the largest lymph node in the human body, which gives him the ability to respond quickly to the penetration of alien organisms through the body's defense system.

Spleen - a small organ that performs important functions in the regulation of hematopoiesis and blood purification process from the various "trash".

Standard Sizes spleen

normal size spleen

Soreness for diseases of the spleen

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most effective way to test the spleen is an ultrasound.Typically, it is administered in cases where serious spleen increased, whereby it can be felt below the ribs.Since the increase in body size often speaks of his pathologies, it is in the determination of the spleen and is one of the main tasks of ultrasound.On examination, the important body parameters are:

  1. length - normally 110-120 mm width
  2. - normally 60-80 mm
  3. thickness - normally 40-50 mm

These values ​​apply in the case of an adult.Depending on the human body and the floor, spleen parameters may vary somewhat.In addition to size, in the course of study is important to determine the shape of the body.In the event of one of the three options, the increase may be acceptable, but if all three of them are exceeded, then it is highly likely indicates splenomegaly.

body weight in the normal state is approximately 150 g Often, an increase in body weight of more than 200 grams, it is a disease.In addition to assessing the value of the spleen during ultrasound they pay attention to other indicators.These include the presence or absence of various injuries, lesions, changes in the structure of the spleen.

Pathology of the spleen - phenomena that are less common than diseases of other organs.However, this does not mean that it is immune to a variety of mechanical damage or disease.Splenomegaly - one of the few causes of enlarged spleen.In addition to her on the body can have a negative impact cirrhosis.Primarily, this relates to the pathology of the liver, but eventually affects other systems of the human body.

is normal, spleen is securely hidden under the ribs on the left upper abdomen.If for some reason there is an increase in the body, it begins to appear from under the ribs and can be palpable fingers.

the diagnosis of spleen using ultrasound to assess not only its size, but also other characteristics.

Causes of enlarged spleen

normal size spleen

Spleen - a small organ

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During enlarged spleen size increased itsability to capture the blood cells.The negative aspect of this process is that the extracting further unwanted particles from the blood, spleen cleaning function deteriorates and its size increases even more.

a vicious circle, more and more cells are extracted as a result of which the blood.Can develop hypersplenism - increased destruction of red blood cells by the spleen.As a result of this process, reducing the number of useful blood cells - platelets, leukocytes and erythrocytes.The poor in the red blood cells causes anemia blood.

Reduced protective function of the organism is associated with a reduction in the number of leukocytes in the blood.Reducing the number of platelets leads to the fact that less blood is minimized, thus, it is more difficult to stop in case of bleeding.

If you do not identify the cause of increasing the authority and not to carry out the appropriate treatment, the spleen starts to fight not only the abnormal blood cells, but also to the healthy.To increase the body cause diseases of different nature - from infectious diseases to cancer.The most frequent causes of enlarged spleen following:

  • cirrhosis and other liver diseases
  • infection chronic and acute forms
  • poor circulation
  • various blood diseases
  • leukemia and granulomatous pathology
normal size spleen

spleen, placement in the body: schematic

When diagnosing organ diseases can be defined such degree of increase:

  1. first - a body on a finger protruding from beneath the ribs, it is possible to palpate the lower portion
  2. second - the body takes up half the distance between the navel and the upper quadrant
  3. third- spleen comes to the navel
  4. fourth - the body comes into the basin or the right side of the abdomen

due to the fact that the organ located near the stomach, in the case of its increase, one of the symptoms that may be complaints about the feeling of fullnesseven after a small meal.In some cases, perhaps feeling pain in his left side - on the part of the abdomen and back.

sometimes painful sensations reach the left shoulder.This happens most often in cases where the body is not sufficiently nourished with blood and partly destroyed.

Enlargement of the spleen may be caused by a variety of reasons.Depending on the stage at which the body is larger, it acts in a different degree from the left edge.In the case of enlarged spleen, it is important to promptly notify the specialist to avoid various negative consequences.

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procedure Spleen - a small internal organ that performs the regulatory function of blood, blood purification, and taking part in the immune defense.This body has certain performance standards, which in the case of disease increases.Enlargement of the spleen is called splenomegaly.In the case of increasing the body can not put off a visit to a specialist.

How to palpate a spleen?Learn from video:

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