If you do not know where a body such as the gall bladder, then you have never had any problems with him.However, if the state of health is not in order, particularly by the digestive system, is necessary to understand what features are inherent in it.


  • 1 The main function of the gallbladder
  • 2 Malfunctions body
  • 3 Classification of Diseases
  • 4 Therapies
  • 5 Possible problems and complications

The main function of the gallbladder

gallbladder function

The gallbladder is located under the liver

gall bladder - a body, on a lower surface of the liver and adjacent to it.It performs the function of depositary that, as the name implies, refers to the accumulation of bile coming from the l


This organ is located in the right-hand longitudinal hepatic groove and has a relatively small size - its length varies from 8 to 14 cm, and width - not more than 5 cm in addition to this basic function, gall bladder has a number of other equally important:.

  • Concentration - the bile coming from the liver into the gallbladder concentrates and changes its thickness
  • suction - through the wall of the body of bile components can be absorbed, it helps cleanse the body
  • evacuation - as a result of the reduction of the gallbladder occurs bile emission during the digestion processduodenum
  • Gated - depending on the processes occurring in the body, provides a cross-country or obstruction of the bile into the intestine.

These functions are important, however, in addition to these, there are other - with the direct participation of the body are activated lipase enzyme that affects the digestion of fats, as well as slowing down the process of growth of pathogenic intestinal microflora.

Malfunctions body

Because of very modest size, this small body, and the importance it has in the human body, is often underestimated.However, in violation of its functioning, a person has serious problems.The reasons for violations of this body may be considered:

  1. Psychoemotional factor - any stress, emotional overloads, nervous shock, and other problems related to the mental sphere of life adversely affect the operation of the biliary system.
  2. hormonal disorders or hormonal disorders.In the female body, this reason is most often triggered by the start of the menstrual cycle or menopause.For hormonal balance, in addition, strongly influenced by the state of pregnancy and following childbirth.
  3. Pathology of liver and kidney, the formation of stones (calculi).
  4. diabetes.
  5. inflammation caused by an infection running or severe cold.

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main problem of irregularity in the work of the gallbladder is accumulation and poor patency of bile, which in turn is accompanied by extremely painful symptoms:

  • cramps and spasms lasting
  • dull pain in the hypochondrium
  • prolonged nausea and vomiting
  • a bad taste in the mouth
  • fever, chills and shivering
  • constant fatigue.

The body of a healthy adult, on average accumulates about 50 ml of bile in the gallbladder.The gallbladder child can accumulate to about 30 ml.However, in case of serious diseases, the amount of accumulated bile increases, which may be evidence of problems not only with the specified authority, but also the liver.

Diagnosing diseases the most effective way is done by ultrasound of the abdomen and gall bladder as well.As additional methods of research using radioisotope diagnostic aspects.

Classification of Diseases

gallbladder function


underlying disease of the gallbladder is its dysfunction, it is a violation of this body.However, the very dysfunction has two types of classification:

  • Slow or gipomotornaya dysfunction.The characteristic symptoms of this dysfunction is a feeling of pressure and fullness, dull aching pain under the ribs on the right, a bitter taste in the mouth, vomiting, constipation, flatulence and bloating.
  • gipermotornaya or fast dysfunction.Most often it occurs against the backdrop of increased stress or psycho-emotional overload.The pain in this type of dysfunction is often given in the back or the heart area, while maintaining the other common symptoms of the pathology of this organ.

Symptoms of each species depends not only on the causes of complications, but also on the stage of the disease, the degree of his neglect.


main task in identifying abnormalities of the gallbladder is the normalization and stabilization of the patient's condition.In most cases it is enough to comply with bed rest, a special diet and avoid stressful situations.A diet that is recommended by doctors in the event of problems with the gallbladder, bile allows not stagnate, and emptied all the channels in a timely manner.

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The basic idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis diet is to split the daily ration into 5-6 portions of food, provided that they are small.In addition, the last meal should be rather late, to the problematic organ clocked bile through the body, even at night (while sleeping).Useful products, which can and should be consumed on a special diet, reducing the work of the gallbladder are:

  • Meat, poultry and fish
  • Mushroom dishes
  • Low-fat broths and soups
  • Products containing natural oils in large quantities.

As medical treatment for diseases well help drugs such as atropine sulfate, and Besalol Eufillin.They are taken in the form of intramuscular injections, as well as capsules and tablets.With strong and persistent pain are encouraged to take a pain reliever - Nospanum or Papazol.

It should be noted that even though the dosage of each medicine especially individual, use of the drug for children is significantly different in the number of adult treatment.For more precise information should be observed attached to the medicament instructions or consult your physician.

Remove from gallbladder unpleasant symptoms will not only drugs, but also ordinary grass and charges, operating more sparing than chemical drugs.

Improve the performance of the patient body, such herbs like St. John's wort, valerian, and mint, sage, calendula, thyme and chamomile, plantain, flax, celandine, and many others.Infusions, brewed on the basis of medicinal herbs, allow to greatly improve the condition of the body (especially if intelligently combine traditional medicine and prescription drugs your doctor).

Possible problems and complications

gallbladder function

Surgery to remove the gallbladder

addition to dysfunction of the gallbladder, there are a number of others.Sometimes more serious dangers associated with that organ diseases:

  1. Emerged in the ducts of bladder inflammation, in the absence of proper treatment, risks becoming a disease such as cholecystitis.Infections, pathogens, most often, are staphylococci and streptococci, as well as E. coli and many others.
  2. Gallstone disease that occurs on a background of reduced production of bile acids and increased cholesterol formation.The disease is characterized by the formation in the gall bladder and ducts crystal formations of calcium salts.Often people suffering from gallstone disease, require surgical intervention.
  3. Various tumor body and its ducts are characterized by symptoms that can easily be confused with chronic cholecystitis - general weakness and malaise, itching, and others.In that case, if the tumor is largely hinders human activity, is urgently needed surgical intervention.

neglected diseases may cause the removal of the entire organ.

consequences of neglected diseases of the gallbladder are always extremely unpleasant and dangerous - at late begun treatment in humans may develop some serious consequences in terms of violation of the outflow of bile process, which in turn can lead to infection infection, purulent inflammation of the body and various abscesses walls.

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Remember that in case of problems associated with this body, you should immediately consult a doctor, who, after a thorough examination, will prescribeappropriate treatment.

What makes the gall bladder in the body, which performs the function?Answers - in the video:

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