stomach is the key organ of the digestive system, providing vital functions of the body.Any violations in its work can lead to serious disruption of the digestive process, and it is important to recognize the cause of the pain and other negative symptoms.To do this, examine the location of the stomach, its anatomical structure and functions.


  • 1 Location and structure of the stomach
  • 2 stomach functions in the human body
  • 3 Possible causes displacement of the stomach
  • 4 process of secretion in the stomach

Location &structure of stomach

Where is the stomach : the location

Where is the stomach: a schematic representation of

stomach is located in the upper part of the abdomen, just below the diaphragm, most of it is placed to the left of the spinal column.3/4 the size of the stomach are located in the left upper quadrant, 1/4 - epigastric - is the name of the abdomen, located under the breastbone.The exact localization of the pain is very important for proper medical diagnosis.

upper part of the stomach i

s placed at the level of 11 vertebrae, it is called cardiac.The food it gets from the esophagus through the cardiac orifice.To the left of the cardiac portion of the stomach is a set of turning into a body organ.More than a convex edge is called the greater curvature, and the opposite edge of the concave curvature is called small.

Lower stomach called pyloric department: it is divided into a larger office - cave and pyloric channel through which food enters the duodenum.The gatekeeper is placed circular muscle - sphincter and the flap, they prevent the reverse penetration of the digestive tract contents of the stomach.

In Latin, the gatekeeper is called the pylorus, so that part of the stomach is called prepiloricheskoy.Cave called antral region of the stomach: it produced biologically active substances that stimulate the digestive process and monitor the operation of the cells that produce enzymes.It is also important to consider the structure of the stomach wall: the outside of the body is surrounded by a serous membrane, within which there are connective tissue and mesothelium.

middle layer includes multiple layers of muscles, providing the possibility of increasing the size and reducing.The inner layer is composed of the mucosa and submucosa, the first of which has numerous creases on the surface.On mucosa are numerous glands that produce hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes.

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stomach in the abdominal cavity is placed in such a way that it is adjacent to the walls of other internal organs.Upper input Front gastric vault adjacent to the diaphragm, also relates to a set of spleen.Lesser curvature of the stomach adjacent to the liver, a large curvature - the large intestine.The plot is a small area in contact with the anterior abdominal wall.

stomach functions in the human body

Where is the stomach : the location

stomach performs complex functions

in the cavity of the stomach food enters the powdered form, as it mixes with saliva and mucus produced in the mouth.In this section of the digestive tract, it is in for 3-10 hours, during which time she was subjected to heat treatment and chemical resistance.The stomach in the human body has several functions:

  1. secretory function.In the process of digestion glands produce hydrochloric acid and enzymes that allow to decompose the food into smaller compounds and prepare them for subsequent absorption.
  2. Motor function.Due to muscle contraction and mixed food moves into the next division of the digestive tract - the duodenum.
  3. suction function.With the stomach in humans absorbed water, sugar and salt, as well as some other substances.
  4. Protective.In the process of digestion, hydrochloric acid and enzymes neutralize bacteria that enter the body with poor quality food.This helps prevent poisoning and other adverse consequences.

Before eating empty volume of the human stomach is 500 mL, it can double in size after a hearty lunch or dinner.At constant overeating it can reach 4 liters in volume, which can not but have a negative effect on other organs of the abdominal cavity.

Because of this, it is recommended to eat small portions, especially dangerous overeating at night.During sleep, the food is digested very slowly, and it may further lead to serious health problems.

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Possible stomach displacement causes

Where is the stomach : the location

stomach Build: A schematic

In some cases, the stomach can change its location, even a slightoffset may indicate a serious disease.Most often it occurs against the background of other diseases of internal organs, look at the most common reasons:

  • Benign and malignant tumor formation.Cancer of the stomach or duodenum is a common and very dangerous forms, so it is necessary to pass full inspection at the slightest suspicion.
  • Perigastrit - inflammation affecting the serous membrane of the stomach.Its causes may be peptic ulcer, colitis, pancreatitis, other inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Increased size of the spleen and liver, affecting the adjacent organs.The reasons for the increase of the liver may be hepatitis, violation of the outflow of bile, cirrhosis, exposure to alcohol or drugs.

In all cases, treatment should be directed at the underlying cause of the displacement of the stomach, it will allow authorities to return to its normal position.However, the stomach can change their location at the time of pregnancy.During this period, due to the increase of uterine stomach moves closer to the edge of the ribs, and because of its reduced capacity.

woman may feel increased appetite, but when the stomach is full, will be felt severe pain.Because of this small portions and avoid eating feed is particularly important during pregnancy.In addition, it is necessary to observe the regime of the day, to avoid unpleasant symptoms.After delivery, the uterus and decrease in the size of organs occupy the original position, and all the negative signs disappear without further treatment.

process of secretion in the stomach

Where is the stomach : the location

case of violation of the stomach, patients clearly indicate the localization of the pain

secretion - a process of gastric juice, necessary for digestion.It has aggressive acidic environment, so the body is built a complex system of regulation of secretion, providing security mucosa.

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Mucous membrane begins to be digested under the influence of gastric juice, as its cells are constantly updated, in addition, it is protected by a layer of mucus.Good blood supply ensures normal functioning of the stomach, and the person does not feel any discomfort.

However, eating spicy, fatty, salty or too hot food violates the natural balance, leading to gastritis and the gradual formation of ulcers.There are increased and reduced secretion.When too abundant secretion of gastric juice may experience vomiting, a burning sensation, heartburn with pain and discomfort in the chest area.Hypersecretion can occur not only when overeating and unbalanced nutrition, but also under constant stress.

If a person is nervous during the meal, the food is not digested properly, and with time you may encounter with the syndrome of irritable stomach.

Increased secretion of gastric probing diagnosed with an analysis of the environment.To normalize the mucosa, patients prescribed a special diet, and eating was a very serious violation, it will be assigned to medical treatment.

Reduced secretion may occur against a background of nervous disorders, infectious diseases or functional disorders of the digestive system.It can manifest appearance of belching, bloating, fullness, and the emergence of other unpleasant symptoms.The disorder is corrected special diet and medicines, in addition, it is necessary to eliminate the root cause of the violations in the gastrointestinal tract.

Knowing the location and operation principles of the stomach in the body, the patient can help the physician in making a diagnosis and more conscious approach to the assigned treatment.Stomach - amazingly complex multi-organ, which plays a key role in the digestive process.

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