Spleen - this is one of the internal organs of the human body.It is located under the right light in the vicinity of the left kidney, pancreas and large intestine in the vicinity of the diaphragm.This is one of the largest lymphoid organ that exist in mammals.Despite the fact that the spleen is not applicable to vital organs, it is involved in the processes of hematopoiesis and metabolism.


  • 1 What kind of body
  • 2 Where is
  • 3 What does
  • 4 How does
  • 5 Why can hurt the spleen
    • 5.1 rupture of the spleen
    • 5.2 Myocardial spleen
    • 5.3 Abscesses
    • 5.4 Inflammatory processes
    • 5.5 Cysts
    • 5.6 Tumors
  • 6 How is it diagnosed
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What kind of body

spleen location

The spleen is part of the circulatory and immune systems

this body is seen as part of the immune and circulatory system.In the embryonic period in the spleen of the formation of red blood cells, in the future there are formed, and white blood cells.After the birth of the baby spleen lose this function an

d become one of the organs that control the immune system.

body has an unusual shape, similar to coffee beans, oblong or oval.The spleen cavity there is a destruction of red blood cells that have lost their function.This material is formed of iron, which is released into the blood, and then the liver.In the liver, iron becomes part of bile.

Where is

The spleen is located in the left predrebere.Healthy body of an adult weighs about 0,25 kg, a length of up to 8-10 cm, its width in the range of 6-9 cm, and a height of about 4 cm. It is located at 11 spleen ribs, through it takes place within the aorta with blood in the portal vein.With respect to the spine this body is at the level 1 vertebra.Sometimes high and low position of the spleen.The spleen has two surfaces:

  • diaphragmatic
  • visceral

first surface is smooth and curved toward the diaphragm.On the visceral surface has many irregularities, which were formed by exposure to the adjacent organs.Therefore, on the spleen surface with visceral hand, there are holes, which are known as the body that has a pressing effect on spleen:

  1. renal fossa
  2. Intestinal pit
  3. Gastric concavity

body almost completely closed the visceral peritoneum, open is the partto which appropriate nerve endings and blood vessels.

spleen peculiarity is that it is not possible to probe through the abdomen, the body is closed ribs.

What does

spleen location

spleen can produce painful

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Spleen is designed to:

  • Participation in immune processes
  • Accumulation of healthy blood cells
  • filtering blood
  • Destruction foreign parts
  • production of immature lymphoid cells the cells that control the presence of bacteria and viruses in the blood - the macrophage
  • Control blood components
  • Storage iron forits further transformation into bilirubin

immune function of the spleen is its production of blood cells immune lymphocytes.Also, the body produces blood filtration, blood, and thus stimulates the metabolism by controlling blood components for its correct circulation.

In the spleen there is recycling of iron contained in the blood hemoglobin in bilirubin and hemosiderin.

How does

Forming part of the spleen is a pulp, which is divided into red and white components.Top coated body substance called capsule.Under the capsule is a framework that protects and strengthens the body.

Why can hurt the spleen

Pain in the spleen can occur for the following reasons:

  • As a result of her injuries
  • pressure on her neighboring organs
  • infarction of the spleen as a result of insufficient blood supply
  • Abscesses
  • Neoplasms differentetiology
  • Inversion legs
  • gap

Injury Pain in the spleen can occur due to its increase in size, deformation, that pathology.Also, pain can occur when pressure on it has increased in other organs size.In most cases, there is pain in the spleen after falls, injuries, shock, injury.The presence of the closed injuries in the body may indicate symptoms:

  1. Severe pain in the diaphragm
  2. Pain in the shoulder blade, collarbone
  3. Aching
  4. blood pressure lowering
  5. Sweating
  6. Chills
  7. Heart palpitations
  8. pale skin

spleen rupture

organ rupture occurs as a result of injury to the abdomen.After compromising the integrity of the capsule of the spleen, broken blood vessels and enters the abdominal cavity.Consequently, peritonitis may occur.Symptoms at rupture of the spleen:

  • Pang
  • gradual deterioration
  • Other reasons

For the most part are spleen disease consequence of diseases of other organs:

  1. blood diseases
  2. immune disorders
  3. Infectious diseases
  4. occurrence of tumors

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Myocardial spleen

This disease is very dangerous and can not be accompanied by any symptoms.As a result of circulatory disorders of the spleen - the lack of blood flow through the vessels due to inflammatory or infectious processes in the body.A more common cause of this disorder may be a disease such as leukemia.splenic infarction may develop suddenly.To determine the presence of the disease can help the symptoms:

  • Nausea and vomiting due to unbearable pain
  • feverish state
  • chest pain extending to the shoulder blade
  • respiratory disorders
  • strong muscle tension peritoneum

If a heart attack occurs without symptoms, the damageinsignificant and can manage drug therapy without resorting to surgery


spleen location

spleen performs many functions, but without it, a person can live

abscess - a change in spleen tissue with the formation of pus.To form abscesses are due to sepsis, bacterial inflammation of the inner membrane of the heart - endocarditis.Also, the disease can occur after a heart attack spleen.It is often impossible to detect abscesses and at this point are formed cysts.

With extensive abscesses causing severe pain, fever, intoxication occurs.In this case, it needs urgent surgery.To determine the presence of an abscess is possible with the help of ultrasound, when the monitor can see the increase in the body and the formation of inflammatory foci.

Inflammatory processes

Inflammatory processes may have arisen both in the spleen, and in other neighboring abdominal organs.Inflammation can be caused by diseases:

  • Acute or chronic liver cirrhosis
  • Infectious limfotoz
  • Mononucleosis infectious
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Malaria
  • Syphilis
  • Typhoid
  • Inversion legs

To spleen suitable supply vesselsand nerve endings.As a result of inflammation and an increase in size of the spleen may be her legs twisted around this.As a result, the blood ceases to flow into the body, there comes a state close to a heart attack, accompanied by sharp pains.In this case, it needs urgent surgery.


In the spleen, as well as in any other organ, can form cysts.In most cases, they arise as a result of hormonal disorders.Symptoms:

  • Diarrhea alternating constipation
  • Feeling gravity
  • Nausea after eating
  • spleen Increase
  • The emergence of allergies to products that were previously allergies do not cause

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All neoplasms arising in the spleen, can be benign or malignant.
benign - tumors of this type in the spleen - drying rare.For benign tumors of the spleen are:

  • Hemangiomas - vascular tumors
  • Lymphoma - education related with the growth of lymphoid tissue
  • Fibroids
  • endotelioma

tumors are usually no symptoms.If their growth accelerates significantly and organ increases in size, the capsule is stretched, causing severe pain.A significant increase in body threatens its rupture and peritonitis as a result, so will require surgery to remove the tumor or the entire body.Malignant

- tumors with the presence of cancer cells - malignant, in the spleen may be both primary and secondary, as a result of metastasis.The primary formation of malignant nature are sarcomas.Secondary education - a metastasis of cancer cells originating from other bodies.

treatment of malignant tumors of the spleen surgery is performed - completely remove the body.

How is it diagnosed

spleen location

There are a number of spleen

diseases to determine spleen disease, the following diagnostic methods:

  • Roentgen: determining, increased whether the body and whether there are changes in its contours or deformation
  • US:It allows us to consider the structure of the spleen, explore the bloodstream, the presence of tumors and changes
  • puncture size: the patient is an external puncture, after which the tissue is examined for the presence of malignant cells.The method is used for detection of a significant increase in body.
  • Blood: composition of blood can determine whether there is inflammation in the body, red blood cells and white blood cells that characterizes the work of the spleen.


protect the spleen of the disease will help a healthy lifestyle, early treatment of infectious diseases, strengthening the immune system.It is necessary to have regular medical check - this will help to cure any disease is still at an early stage and prevent disease of the spleen.

How to palpate a spleen?It is possible to learn from the video:

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