stomach - a hollow organ composed of muscle tissue outside and inside the complex of the mucous membranes, is a kind of container for food eaten.Here comes the first stage of digestion.Located directly under the authority diaphragm between the esophagus and duodenum ...


  • 1 stomach and the processes occurring in it
  • 2 What should eat an adult?
  • 3 How to reduce stomach and lose weight
  • 4 vicious circle of overeating

stomach and the processes occurring in it


stomach can change shape depending on the amount of food intake.

In the empty state the volume of the stomach is about 0.5 liters, at a length of 18-20 cm. The walls, back and front shifted, almost touching each other.As the filling of the stomach is stretched to one and a half liters.The walls move away to a distance of 8-10 cm from each other.It is - in the normal range.

In the case of overeating stomach can stretch to a volume of 3 liters.There are cases stretching up to 4l.The dimensions of the body depend on th

e growth and human physique, the culture of its power, that is, on how, what, and how much food it consumes on a daily basis.

While seemingly simple - stomach rather complex organ, the walls of which contain numerous and wide variety of gland, endocrine cells involved in the work of the whole organism.The mucosa of the stomach produces gastric juice, which impregnates the food coming from the outside, and performs the first stage of its splitting into different components.During the day it produced about 2 liters of gastric juice.An important place in this process takes a hydrochloric acid - a chemical active substance.Hydrochloric acid in the body performs the following functions:

  • interacts with protein splitting it into components,
  • destroys harmful organisms trapped in the stomach along with food,
  • convert divalent iron to trivalent, which is necessary for the formation of the blood.

in gastric juice are also produced enzymes involved in the digestion of proteins and fats, and the mucus lining the stomach wall and protect it from aggressive HCl environments.Mucus is produced in the digestive process and protects the stomach from self-digestion.Gastric juice begins to be generated prior to ingestion.This is facilitated by the smell of food, the appearance, the thought of food.Equally important is the time corresponding to the time of eating.That's why is so important to people always took food at one and the same time.

production of gastric juice contributes to the emergence of appetite, that is, the need for food.

What should eat an adult?

Proper nutrition

The adult diet should beat - proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

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for the normal life of the adult, he should receive a daily basis:

  1. water.The human body is 80 percent water.Water is life.It is contained in the cells and tissues of our body, blood, water helps to rid the body of toxins.Water should be taken not only in tea, coffee or juice.The body should get a clean, preferably, unboiled water.
  2. Proteins - the source of the material, which is used to build the body's cells.Proteins are plant and animal origin.They are found in meat, eggs, dairy products, legumes and cereals plants.
  3. Fats - a source of concentrated energy.Can be stored for a long time in the body as fat.The sources of fats are vegetable oil, lard, internal fat of animals, butter.And some dairy products increased fat content.
  4. Carbohydrates - a source of energy that is expended by the body at once.However, if a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, or consume them in large amounts, carbohydrates are also able to be converted into body fat.
  5. Antioxidant vitamins, nicotinic acid and other needed by the body for normal functioning, contained in almost all foods, especially a lot of them in fruits and vegetables.

Trace elements involved in the construction of bone structure of the hair, and other tissues, and blood in the formation of nerve cells.They are found in all products.

How to reduce stomach and lose weight


To reduce the size of the stomach can reduce the amount of food intake.

to the stomach received all of the above components, food should be varied.The daily menu can be different porridges, soups, pasta, borscht, steamed vegetables, salads, meat, fish, etc.

question -. How much?Each person decides for himself individually.Someone eating a lot, does not get better, and does not suffer from this.Someone eating a little and not losing weight.Much depends on the individual vitality, energy from a particular organism.

But back to the stomach.How much it can accommodate?As practice shows, up to 3 liters.But whether it is necessary so to overload it?Let's calculate how much the average Russian eats for dinner.A plate of borscht soup or - 300 grams.Another 250 grams make the second 100 gram - bread.650-700 grams - half of fullness of the stomach.And that's enough.This is the norm, which is constantly repeated by doctors.They are echoed by traditional healers, urging us to overeat.Compote, jelly or cocoa, then there is a third, you can drink a couple of hours, as an afternoon snack.

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Most nutritionists believe that breakfast should be dense.What is dense?More to eat?Organize breakfast on the principle that less is better.In other words, make your breakfast energetically saturated.Let food be smaller in size, so as not to expend excess energy, nurturing heaviness in the stomach.But energy.Ahead of a difficult time.We need to focus, physical strength.It does not hurt to roll with butter, which can put a banana;or cake, a piece of chocolate or candy.

great if there are walnuts in your diet.This is a charge for the whole day.I love the salads?You are welcome.But only sweet fruit and sour cream.His diet salad with cabbage leave for the evening.So in the morning you eat no more than 350 grams (excluding tea or coffee), and recharge energy.Incidentally, hot drinks in the morning helps the body to warm up and cheer.

Snacks are not forbidden, but it does not mean that you should run to the refrigerator every half hour.A snack is made between breakfast and lunch.And one - between lunch and dinner.

This can be a saucer nutritious salad or salad, but not more than 100 grams.Between lunch and dinner, a snack should be facilitated calorie.Fruit, glass of juice, vegetable salad.A dinner, just desirable proteins, fats and carbohydrates minimized.Let it be salads and fruit juices with lightweight loaves of bran.And, too, no more than 300 grams.Help the body to tune in to sleep.

vicious circle of overeating


Constant overeating leads to an increase in the stomach and food addiction.

dense and abundant food, overflowing the stomach, leads to the fact that it becomes hard to breathe, the increased stomach presses on the lungs, the heart, the result is a rapid heart rate, shortness of breath and fatigue.Bottom stomach squeezes the liver, there is a stabbing pain in his side, puts pressure on the body of hematopoiesis - the spleen, blood begins to slowly move through the veins, a person sleepy.

If a person does not work, he quite naturally, will try to take a nap after a hearty lunch.Energy, will go along with fats and carbohydrates are not consumed, it is deposited in the fat.As a result, regular eating, the stomach muscle tissue stretched and no longer shrink the stomach increases and requires more and more food, a person gains weight, fullness.

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He gets into a vicious circle: the more eats, the more stretched the stomach, the more demands food.The more eats, the less moves, and the more fullness, the more you want to eat.And sleep.In this vicious circle usually get people who have retired, or office workers, leading a sedentary lifestyle.Sometimes this condition causes stress.This vicious circle must break the man himself.

Where to start?We must begin with the fact that, take a beaker or a 200 gram glass.Calculate how much you eat at one time.This can be done simply by pouring water into the bowl, from which you eat.Water will show you how much food can hold your plate.Your measurements have shown that you eat much more than what is written above?And you now it seems that only by absorbing the specified amount of food you are going to die of hunger?

The volume of the stomach

volume of the stomach depends on the person's age

Start gradually reduce your portions.On 30-50 grams daily.Get yourself a diary and write for themselves, how much and what you eat.Secondly, stop sleeping in the afternoon.Do you want to sleep?Look, maybe, in the house that is waiting, impatiently, when you remove, you will repair, will put in order.You are a wonderful host and all you okay?Great.Get out, take a walk.A half-hour walk discourage the desire to sleep.

If you do not work, try to find something to do: work on the land, carpentry, car - it is for men.Take yourself some business - it will help with benefit to expend energy and distract from the refrigerator.And it may even bring some money, at least for gifts for the grandchildren.Practice shows that the increase in motor activity, work, even in the building for 2 hours allows to burn up to 5 Week.

appliances greatly simplify our lives.We stopped to wash, wash dishes, clean the floor.All this makes intelligent machines.On the one hand, this is good.But it's really good for the busy, working women.People began to move less.A man is made for the movement, to the building.And well, when he has a favorite hobby, for which the smart car free him.But often this does not happen, and passion becomes a meal.

More about the stomach can be obtained from the induced footage:

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